I had the chance to travel sometimes over 6 months a year the last years. I have a passion for backpacking travels, and rarely go for less than a full month when leaving. I visited Asia for over a year, the USA, Africa, Europe or South America.

I traveled over 25,000kms in India on a Royal Enfield, during 3 trips (2006, 2011, 2012, 2013). Ladakh was one of the most fascinating place, even more on a motorcycle.

Photography Interests

I used to focus on portraits and photojournalism subjects, but I’m now doing more landscapes, using at least medium format, if not large format.


I mostly use film based camera like the Mamiya 7, the Hasselblad or Leica M7. I’m currently looking forward moving to the 4x5 format with a Toyo 45cf.

I used digital like the 5D or the Leica M9 but ended up selling those, as I want to focus on film work.

Day job

I’m a software developer, focusing on Rails & iOS development. You can see iPhone applications I wrote like Faast [], Push4 [], Liker [] or Urban Trip [].


After looking for solutions to run this website, I ended up developing the code myself. It’s now managed through Heritage [] which focuses on film photography. One of the feature allows you to host your website too. Anyone can register for an account and apply for being able to upload content.