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Rails & iOS developer, Photographer, love traveling.


I had the chance to travel sometimes over 6 months a year the last years. I have a passion for backpacking travels, and rarely go for less than a full month when leaving. I visited Asia for over a year, the USA, Africa, Europe or South America.

I traveled over 25,000kms in India on a Royal Enfield, during 3 trips (2006, 2011, 2012, 2013). Ladakh was one of the most fascinating place, even more on a motorcycle.

Photography Interests

I used to focus on portraits and photojournalism subjects, but I'm now doing more landscapes, using at least medium format, if not large format.


I mostly use film based camera like the Mamiya 7, the Hasselblad or Leica M7. I'm currently looking forward moving to the 4x5 format with a Toyo 45cf.

I used digital like the 5D or the Leica M9 but ended up selling those, as I want to focus on film work.

Day job

I'm a software developer, focusing on Rails & iOS development. You can see iPhone applications I wrote like Faast [http://faast.io], Push4 [http://2apn.com], Liker [http://likerapp.com] or Urban Trip [http://www.urbantripapp.com/].


After looking for solutions to run this website, I ended up developing the code myself. It's now managed through Heritage [http://heritage.io] which focuses on film photography. One of the feature allows you to host your website too. Anyone can register for an account and apply for being able to upload content.

No spam, just rare updates from me.